Pauper and Masters 25

Hello again friends, it’s time for Pauper. It doesn’t feel that long since Rivals of Ixalan, but the more commons the merrier.

While I wasn’t really paying attention for the last few Masters sets, they tend to bring along downshifted cards (commons that used to be uncommon or rare) and so they actually usually introduce some relevantly powerful cards. 20(!) cards are newly common, so heck, let’s just look at them all!

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Top 5 Fridays 2nd Edition

Hello friends, I’m here again, two weeks in a row! How could anyone top that level of consistency?

Writing something like this that’s fun and frivolous is somewhat like lubricating a machine, making it easier to get rolling on some other things I’ve been wanting to write, so I should even have a few things to post while in France for the upcoming World Magic Cup, which is nice.

But for now, I’ve got some things to rank, like miser Modern cards and Soul Calibur characters, and rank them I shall!

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