*cautious peek around the doorframe*

Nice to meet you, strangers. Welcome to my page of (pending) stories of nerdy things, travelling, languages, music, and any other given thing that tickles my fancy at the time.

Uncountable are the number of blogs and journals that begin strong and taper off quickly, when the initial topics of enthusiasm are discussed at length. Or maybe those people just went away and got themselves jobs, who knows?

Will that be the fate of this blog? I wouldn’t rule it out. However, I often like to muse aloud, and sometimes people tell me that I should write things down, and that perhaps other humans out there in the wide world would find what I’m saying to be quite interesting.

So I am treating this page like the stream of conciousness that it is. I hope that you will enjoy it, even if I’m writing about something you aren’t directly interested in every time. Obviously it will help if you like Magic: the Gathering, but honestly it was more non-Magic people who found my stories interesting, so who knows?

I feel like people are supposed to have a catchy sign-off phrase, but that shall have to wait!