Hearthstone Brawls

After an initial mini-addiction to Hearthstone when it first came out (well, whenever I picked it up and most cards were finalised, I lose track of when Betas begin and end) I honestly mostly ended up bored with it. Trying to climb the ladder of constructed seemed tedious even when I had a deck I enjoyed, Arena also became a chore despite being more interesting. I played enough Arena before getting tired of it to have enough gold to unlock the Campaign modes, and those challenges were fun at least. The Heroic (hard difficulty) ones tend to be a bit on the ‘hope they draw/play terribly’ side, but they all had different rules and I like building weird decks to take advantage of the conditions.

In comparison, most regular games felt like they were having the same basic rhythm every time, and I burnt out.

I really didn’t log into Hearthstone for probably around 8 months or so, and didn’t really expect to pick it up again. Then I heard about some new mode, which had exactly what I wanted.

And it sounded… cantaloupe-y!

The Tavern Brawls being silly challenge formats against actual people pulled me back in. As cool as some of the Campaign challenges are, playing them against an AI gets old quickly. I loved Momir Basic on Magic Online, and basically any random card challenges make me happy. It made the game fun enough to warrant turning on every week,¬†which leads to doing some of the daily quests, which leads to playing a few games of ‘real’ Hearthstone sometimes too.

The Tavern Brawl this week seems like it would be a little less fun than most, since everyone is jamming a ton of legendary cards into their deck and there isn’t much variation, but a few more Spider-Infested Deck challenges and I’ll be happy.