Quick-Fire Magical Update

In the universe of Magic: the Gathering, there have been things happening in the world at large and with me personally. I will cover them, quickly!

1) World Magic Cup Qualifiers: The World Magic Cup teams are now complete. Team Scotland is looking good to me, a great bunch of guys and I’m looking forward to playing with them at the big one, and at GP Rotterdam.

2) GP prices raised: What the hell? If I hadn’t already booked flights for London, and needed to test Team Sealed (Rotterdam) for the World Magic Cup, I wouldn’t be on board. Feels like they are pushing the boundaries to me. But hey, people will go, and they’ll make a killing with no change in prizes. Next year for £100 normal GP entry?

3) Limited Leagues: No, it’s not the same as normal draft, if you’re testing for a PT cross pods make it unrealistic. Overall cross pods aren’t too bad, there are lots of cards you don’t see in normal drafts too. You’ll get a strong pod and crush weaker opponents about as often as the reverse. What I don’t like is cross-pod Cube. Knowing the contents of your pool and opponents is great in a singleton format, and at least if one opponent has the nuts, you know the rest won’t. Not so here, which is lame.

I just want to play 3 rounds with sweet (bad) decks against non-turn 2 Elesh Norn decks!

4) Pauper articles: Did you know I’ve been doing Pauper videos and articles lately? Pauper is a sweet format, would recommend it if you like playing a format where spells and value are king, but you can still beat down. I feel like I am getting better at doing articles, and it’s nice to have a specific direction. I am quite bad at writing with no specific goal.

5) Youtube videos: Meanwhile, over at my Youtube channel I am also getting more used to making videos as a whole. I’m teaching myself new things in terms of editing the videos and thumbnails almost every time. It is where the all the Pauper videos are hosted from, as well as other things as my whims (and access to cards) allow. I even got my first random insult spam comment today, hurrah!

I still don’t know where to start on making a banner image.

6) Masterpieces: Super rare cards. Neat to open in boosters, looking forward to complaining bitterly when someone massacres me in a GP with a Sword.

If I open one though, I’ll deserve it. <_<

7) Twitter drama: Some people said certain Pros were acting a bit Elitist, then Pros mostly made fun of them, making them seem like #Elitistpros in the process. No one got over with the crowd in the exchange.

8) Kaladesh: The new world is like an Indian-themed steam punk theme planet. I like the look of it, you could even say it’s almost inventive. Some have wondered why it’s not *more* Indian. I am not Indian, so take my perspective with a grain of salt, but I’m glad they didn’t go a straight ‘fake-India’ route like they did ‘fake-Greece’ with Theros.

I personally thought Theros was a let down, everything that should have been cool felt like an off-brand knock-off of the ‘real’ legends. It just fell flat for me. I would have liked to see more unique monsters from their mythology for the creatures for sure, but then again I’m biased in favour of more cool and unusual monsters and fewer boring Hydras regardless of setting. (when we will again regrow heads for RRR apiece?)

That’s all for now. Join me next time when I watch Frozen for the first time. Yes, really.

Also coming soon to Youtube, a rather *Salty* drinking challenge…

Stephen ‘Jecht’ Murray, over and out.

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