Thoughts on Suicide Squad

I know, I know. Everyone knows the score when it comes to the recent DC movies. I wasn’t even going to go see it, but I was invited. 2 for 1 tickets! I figured at least it would be like the recent Ghostbusters film in that with appropriately managed expectations, it would be fine. So, my expectations for Suicide Squad were set at ‘dumpster fire’ level. Maybe it would be so bad, it would be fun? I still found it disappointing. Spoilers ensue.

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The Law of the Cube – Stephen Murray

Noble charity endevours, I wrote a thing for them! Go look at the Cube24 WordPress page, follow them on Twitter and so on!



Today, we have a special Guest Star!

Scotland-StephenMurrayWhile we have many eager cubers booked in for the event on Saturday, there’s always room to squeeze in a post from the odd person who can’t make it…

…particularly when that person is perennial Scottish National Team member, Stephen Murray!

Cap’n Scotland was kind enough to lay out his Law of the Cube for us, and I have no desire to hold him back any longer…

Stephen’s Law of the Cube

Hello friends! I am sadly unable to attend the rollicking good time that is Cube24, but being unable to cube has never stopped me from thinking about cube before, all kinds of cubes!

Time to dispense some laws, no betraying them now.

1. When drafting cube, do the sweet thing

Unless you’re playing in the first ever Cube Draft Pro Tour (I’m waiting, WotC) you’re mostly playing for pride among friends…

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