Fun with words 3

I’ve been in Romania for about a month now, and while my pace of learning Romanian has been glacial at best, I can find no end of enjoyment noticing little quirks of the language that entertain me. Perhaps you will find them mildly amusing also?

So to get started, the word for ‘sauce’ in Romanian is ‘sos’. Makes sense right? Nice and simple, easy to learn even for a language dunce like me. However, they still use s.o.s. as in the international distress signal in various places. Thus, I heartily appreciate sitting on the subway and noticing a big red button near the door saying ‘SOS’ with no other context. I wonder if the London Underground could be improved with emergency SAUCE dispensers.

Recently, I was in a supermarket. Walking around the meat section, naturally, when I read a sign. What the?! It seems The Kurgan was on the menu!

“It’s better to burn out than to under-cook your raw meat!”

Turns out, it was just a slightly wonky sign, and it was meant to say ‘Curcan’ which means turkey. Didn’t stop me finding it amusing though. Would also have made Highlander a very different film.

Alright, so maybe that’s a bit of a stretch, you say. Still in that same shop, waiting to pay for the items, I noticed a bunch of Durex boxes near the checkout. Nothing unusual there, but something caught my eye.

They weren’t called ‘condoms’ oh no. Over here they are ‘preservatives’. I find that funny on multiple layers. Whether it’s figuring out what exactly is being preserved (is it your finances? Health? Are they laced with salt over here!?) or the many terrible, grimace-inducing pun variations you could fire out while raising your eyebrows to someone else with an appreciation for abysmal one-liners. (insert your own here)

Perhaps I’m juvenile sometimes. I can’t dispute that, but sometimes it’s not easy to take the high ground. Presented without context, this delicious shelf.

I think these are sold in measurements by ‘the load’.

I think life is a little bit better where you can find amusement in the weirdest places. I have no doubt I will find more, especially if I remember to take notes again in the future!

Have a good weekend, tchau!  🙂

2 thoughts on “Fun with words 3

  1. Imagine how us Eastern Europeans felt when reading ingredients of various products here in UK. 🙂 Also reminds me of seeing a can of LASER Cooked beans in Portugal.

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