Good Things 3

Well well. Hasn’t there been a lot of doom and gloom lately? Nothing about that today. Time to talk about some things that make me happy instead.

  1. I adore strange music mashups. Whether it is Biggie Smalls feat. Thomas the Tank Enginemany of the (extremely numerous) Space Jam mashups, the Kleptones making blending tracks sound easy or whatever. It seems so satisfying to me when you take two completely unrelated things and BAM suddenly I like it better than at least one of the primary sources. See example:

    Hotline Bling merely seemed fine to me, didn’t set my soul on fire or anything. But adding something that seems real dumb to the mix? Just made it strictly better to me. The dumber the better really. Sometimes you get so dumb it comes all the way around… to genius. (Undertale alert)

  2. The Tales series of games is great. It’s pretty well known among people who like that sort of thing, but it tends to get blank stares when I mention it to people who aren’t super into video games featuring anime protagonists on quests. In short, it’s a JRPG series that skips turn-based combat in favour of fast-paced battles, and tends to try and give the characters a boatload of personality though various features like short skits between the protagonists.

    Tales of Symphonia  is one the most highly regarded games of said series, but I did not have a Gamecube when it game out, so it passed me by. I ended up starting with emulating the first game in the series then jumping straight to the excellent Tales of Vesperia (was a hell of a leap).

    While playing Vesperia and other new versions, I noticed that can set other characters in your party to be controlled by another human. This is a bit of a rarity in the field of ‘massively long single player games’, and I decided to hold onto my PS3 edition of Symphonia for such time that I could obtain someone to play through it with me.

    *French accent*

    Eventually, with me moving to Romania recently (posts on this pending) I managed to rope my partner in crime into playing with me. She hadn’t played a Tales game before, not even a JRPG, so there was the potential for failure. Turns out, she’s really enjoying it, and it’s a different kind of fun experience from playing by yourself. Hooray!

  3. Have you seen how incredible nature documentaries look recently? Apparently as part of basic TV/Internet here, we receive National Geographic WILD, and the quality of cameras they are using is unreal. These shots where they have various predators jumping at the camera look like the animals are going to leap out of the screen and tear my face off. And anything that makes me think of Nicolas Cage is excellent television.

That’ll do for today. Ciao for now!

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