Spoilers, Spoilers Everywhere

I’m not going to spoil anything new in this post. I make reference to The Sixth Sense for instance, Harry Potter, Empire Stikes Back, Citizen Kane, but things nearly everyone knows. I’m steering well clear of anything remotely new, whether it’s Captain America: Civil War or… you know. The show that for a while, everyone agreed to stop spoiling.

I do want to talk about what’s happening all over the internet though. That is to say, otherwise perfectly reasonable people accidentally spoiling things. Including a disturbingly high percentage of you reading this.

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Hope and Politics

I don’t talk about politics on the internet often. It’s too depressing, honestly. This is partly because every so often, I find a glimmer of hope. Hope that is usually left impotent, as I can’t help but notice the usual pattern of things looking up for a little bit, before it all tumbles back down.

And partly because no matter what you say about literally anyone, internet people instantly assemble into their with-us-or-against-us hard stances and reasonable discussions are hard to come by. So I’m just mostly talking about the system as a whole, but if you happen to think I’m specifically talking about some party or specific politician, well, I can’t control that.

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