Things I Like – 2

Hello again!

I refer to what I said last week, just wanna tell people about some things that are neat/good/awesome/mildly amusing.

  1. This weird unofficial Peturbator music video. Peturbator have some pretty radical music videos themselves, but I especially like this one. (watch out if you’ve got kiddies around, it’s violent!) I’d never heard of Class of 1999 until this, and I simply cannot get enough of the 80’s visions of the future. And those robot effects! And the acting! I don’t understand why I haven’t seen this on any lists of Oscar winners. What’s up with the white-haired guy and his eyes? You can tell his actor is absolutely loving hamming it up. All the while I find the song quite hypnotic.
  2. Wrestling behind the scenes. I haven’t really watched WWE since it stopped being called the WWF, but I’ve always enjoyed the surrounding stuff. There’s something deep inside that makes me think that dropkicks and suplexing someone through a table are innately awesome
    I used to watch some Pay-Per-Views and play wrestling games on the Playstation with my cousin Bob, but never really got that much into it otherwise. However, after I watched this André the Giant Documentary (I’m pretty sure it’s this one anyway) I became interested in how things worked. I’m gonna be honest, once I started hearing about how crazy these people are (which isn’t a surprise for people who get professionally hurt for a living) you’ll find the tales of locker room rivalries and road trip stories way more fascinating than the entertainment product could hope to be.
  3. Old stone walls are great. I have been to many beautiful places, witnessed impressive mountains and cliffs and fields and all those types of things. Maybe it’s just me, but they all look better with some really old stone walls, the kind that look like they were constructed with graduates from the ‘whatever, use anything’ school of building. I guess they just make me think of fantasy stories and old ruins and long histories worn down with rain and moss. Yeah, I know, in reality, maybe some farmer put it up 20 years ago to stop his sheep taking dumps on his access path or something like that. But I can’t help it! Basically every countryside view is improved by at least 72% by some rocky walls.

By the way, a bunch of people seemed to relate to my last post, feeling slightly sad they couldn’t play their favourite old decks any more. Feel free to send me messages for battles if you want, I’m always down to clown if I have time. 🙂


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