Things I Like – 1

Sometimes I am forgetful.

Not outrageously so or anything. Do you remember the film Flubber? The main character forgets to attend his own wedding. Multiple times! Not that forgetful.

No, what I usually forget is that not everything I write needs to be particularly long and in-depth. I have many mostly finished blog posts and articles that I should probably just stick out here, but I keep thinking “but I can add more to this!”. It’s okay, me, you’re on the internet. You can probably roll your face over the keyboard 10 times, call it a day and still obtain a loyal readership as long as it’s consistent enough.

Another thing I forget to do is take some time to appreciate little things I enjoy. Not everything needs to be a life-changing passion to be worth taking 5 minutes to say “You know what? This thing, this thing is good.” Preferably slightly more cleverly than that. :3 When you spend too much time on the internet hearing about world events and people talking about how everything sucks, you start to overlook the little things.

And so, with the tenuous link of ‘these are things I forget’ established, I’ve decided to combine these thoughts. At least once a week, I’m going to post briefly about some little parts of life I appreciate. Let’s go!

  1. This sound. Goodness me, I love that sound. Sometimes I’ll go a long time without hearing the original Playstation start up noise, then out of the blue it will sneak into my ears and trigger a chill down my spine as a rush of old memories fight for attention. I’ll never forget the first time I turned that console on, nostalgia can be great sometimes!
  2. Not too long ago, I decided I’d gone long enough without getting the Avatar: The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra references I was seeing on Imgur. I’ve always appreciated fantasy stories and cartoons that are well crafted for a wide range of audiences, but honestly I was blown away by how much I became invested in the story and characters. It crept up on me. At first I didn’t think I was going to get into it, then suddenly it’s the middle of the night and I absolutely need to sleep but ohhhhh I need to see what happens next. Thank you, Avatar-making-people!
  3. I don’t usually eat too many sweets, but recently I’ve become semi-addicted to some little Rolo-dessert things. 2rolo
    It doesn’t look like much, but it doesn’t taste TOO sweet and I just feel a little bit happier when I’m eating one.
  4. Frosty ground is not what most people want when out walking or driving, I understand. But it’s what I want when I’m outside during winter. I don’t care if I’m cold, or need to walk slowly to avoid slipping, even the most bland and uninteresting streets look nice when they have that little hint of icy colour covering them. There’s something about the way that street lamps and sunlight make everything sparkle just a teeny bit that’s just fantastic. It makes me almost as happy as snow does, without the terrible dirty slush that comes post-snow.

That’s all for today, see you next time!

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