What Happened to Casual MTGO?

Hello friends. You know, I have read quite a few articles about MTGO (Magic Online) and ways that it could be improved. Many of them have good ideas! However nearly all of them I’ve encountered have focused on the competitive end of the spectrum. Add a pack to prizes here, change entry fees here, optimise EV on this, only have queues for Standard/Draft/Modern and so on.

Very few of them acknowledge the other side of the magical coin, that of the casual players. I’m probably a bit on the unusual side in that I love playing casual decks and tournament decks alike. I’ve been a few Pro Tours, but I also can’t get enough of attacking with krakens and wolves or playing some off-the-wall rare that bends the rules of the game. While I have often prepared for events on Magic Online, the vast majority of my time on it has been playing kooky decks for fun.Read More »